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Source code

Running Tracker is licensed under the GPL licensing.

The source code is under Subversion. It can be viewed here:

To download the source code (anonymous access: read-only), enter on Linux:

svn co svn://

To make changes in the repository:

svn co svn+ssh://<user_name>

A technical documentation is available.


Running Tracker is written in Java. It is compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

Tools used for the development


Structure of the project

|_ branches
|_ tags
|_ trunk
  • branches is not used
  • tags contains the released versions of Running Tracker
  • trunk contains the currently developed version of Running Tracker
|_javadoc (not under source control)
|_lib (not under source control)
  • doc: Documentation and licenses
  • installer: Scripts to create the installers
  • javadoc: Java documentation
  • lib: Jar files
  • nbproject: NetBeans information
  • sample: NikePlus sample workouts
  • src: Source code
  • test: Unit tests
  • webstart: Java web start information

Similar tools

Tool OS Source code available Online/Offline
RunningBuddy Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Yes Offline
Neki++ Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Yes Offline
PlotRun Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Yes Online
iTunes+Nike+ Mac OS X, Windows No Online
Runometer Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Yes Online


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